about us

Art of the Heart Tattoo & Piercings would like to welcome you to our site. 

We are located in the newly renovated Morgan Hill Shopping Center located on West Main Avenue in Morgan Hill. We offer a clean and sterile environment and we guarantee to make you feel right at home! We bring amazing artists locally and worldwide to perform their services right here. Also, we now offer Microblading!


Established in 2016. Owners, G
us and Faith, opened their first studio in 2009 (Inked Tattoo – located in Morgan Hill, CA), which was a huge learning experience for everyone.  With some outside help from business and tattoo minds alike, the shop was re-located on the busiest street of Morgan Hill and became a huge success.


Gus and his wife were faced with some trials and tribulations in 2014 which put their business on hold for about a year but coming out of it stronger than ever with the Love of God by their side, they decided to open up: Art of the Heart Tattoo. Gus is gratefully performing his fine art again and at the same time, he and his beautiful wife have also been able to reach out to some of the clients and help them in their struggles... 


The shop is thriving... BUSY! BUSY! And with four amazing sons and one beautiful daughter, the perfect shop is keeping the young couple grounded and alive.  Art of the Heart Tattoo gains new clientele daily and strives to make each moment a memorable one.


Services Offered:
Permanent Body Art: 18 years and older (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Piercings: 16 years and older (16 yrs-17 yrs must be accompanied with a legal guardian). 

Live Tattooing, Art Gallery, Amazing Artists & Hottest Spot in the Bay Area!


Each artist at Art of the Heart Tattoo has a common goal: to enhance the creation of the highest quality tattoos using modern techniques and certified equipment in a safe and sterile environment. All of our artists support one another in their personal strengths and goals within the tattoo industry and in the community. Let us reassure you that we will pay close attention to the details of our service to exceed your expectations and keep you coming back for more.